Friday, November 5, 2010

Ways to Save Money at the Gas Station

I love the picture below. Don't you with the prices were the same as when they were using these types of gas pumps? The prices always seem to be up when I cruise in for a gas fill up. Here are some general tips you can use to save money next time you have to fill up at your local gas station.
1. Find a credit card that offers cash back or has a rewards program and use it for your gas purchases. I recently just switched to a credit card that utilizes Air Miles so I can get some swag from their rewards catalogue.
2. Find a gas station that offers membership savings for using their credit cards. I know of a petro station nearby that offers a couple of cents on the litre if you use their special credit card to make purchases.
3. Check the internet for local gas prices and compare stations to see if you can find one that has cheaper prices.
4. Turn off the AC when driving around in the city. You will save gas by not running your cars air conditioning. You just have to sweat it out a bit. On the highway however having open windows might cost you more in gas because of the drag. You might want to have the a/c on in this case.
5. It's okay to use the cheaper priced gas. This day in age who would pay for premium? It's just money down the drain.
6. Get in the habit of checking your tire pressure. Most stations offer a free air pump for customers. Just check your tire pressure on your tire and give it quick check once a month. You will save money.
7. Clean the garbage out of your car, especially heaving items. A lighter car uses less gas. You aren't a transport so stop hauling heavy loads.
8. Avoid idling. If you are going to be stopped for more than one minute, you will save gas by turning the car off and restarting when you are ready to go. Our town has a law that cars can't idle for more that a minutes.

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