Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Celebrities that Promote Frugal Shopping

One of the biggest problems with paying attention to celebrity gossip is that it can inadvertently encourage you to waste a lot of money. Girls who want to look like their favorite celebrities may want to pay for everything from new makeup to plastic surgery to get those looks. And women are often encouraged to buy expensive, trendy, designer clothing to emulate their favorite stars. That’s why it’s so nice to see that some hot celebrities are starting to promote frugality when it comes to clothing and shopping.

Gilly Ferguson, who writes a style column over at HeatWorld.com, highlights a couple of recent examples of this great little trend:

Sienna Miller. This star is known for having a huge wardrobe. However, she recently re-wore an old item from two seasons ago and she wore it twice in one week. One of the problems with celebrity clothing trends is that they encourage you not to wear the same thing twice. This is unrealistic for normal people and also a serious waste of money. It’s nice to see Sienna bucking this trend.Amy Winehouse. This starlet has launched her own clothing line with Fred Perry. What’s great about is that it’s a


  1. I agree...it's great that she has tried starting a new trend. I'm sick of celebrities flaunting how much money or how many possessions they have while other people are starving. Great post.

  2. Hey, I've worn what I'm wearing now for two weeks strait. It's fine as long as it doesn't smell that bad.

  3. Agreed. I own two pairs of jeans.

  4. I rewear the same jeans for like 3 weeks...