Sunday, November 7, 2010

$25 off $25 - Gardens Alive

Here is another great catalog you will want to sign up for so that you become part of their customer database.

Today I received my catalog, and since I have not shopped they sent me a $25 off $25 Coupon to mail in with my order. It is no minimum order and the coupon says if I spend $25 or less, I get my item completely free.

Although I don't have a coupon code to share with you ( as it is a hard copy coupon only for my family ), I highly recommend you click here and request their free catalog.

I would sign up for their newsletter here, too and send it to your "deals" email account, too. Remember, if you don't have a separate email account for all your loyalty programs, newsletters and freebies, I highly recommend it. It keeps all your deals from taking over your personal email account.

Sometime in the future, you may receive a free $25 coupon, too!