Friday, November 5, 2010

Let the Dishwasher Air Dry

I was reading a few saving money tips articles online and I came across one that suggested letting your dishes air dry if you use a dish washer. This is something that I had never thought of before. I just took the dishwasher for granted but I imagine it uses a lot of electricity using the hot air to dry the dishes.
Usually when we do dishes we let the dishwasher sit overnight or for the day so it's not like we need them to be instant dry. I tested this on the last few runs. On my dishwasher I can actually turn off the heat dry option as a setting although I have read where a few people had to manually turn theirs off when it goes into heat dry mode. This may be on older models.
I found that the dishes were fine when taking them out. A few might be damp but you can always dry them off a bit before they go to the cupboard. Another suggestion may be to open the door to let the air in to dry them off better. Either way give your electricity bill a break and let mother nature dry your dishes.

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