Thursday, November 4, 2010

Do You Ever Buy Anything from a Store?

This was a question a friend of mine asked me thet other day when I was showing some iPhone4 gadgets that I recently purchased. Of course not, why would I pay full retail price for something when I have to go to an online auction and find the items that I need for a fraction of the price. You do have to do your homework when buying from auction websites. You have to look at the sellers feedback and you have to research prices, brand names and shipping. For example, if a person if offering low prices with high shipping prices you should stay away from them. When they sell you a crappy item they just have to refund the purchase prices and not the shipping. It's an old scam.
My point is don't rush out to a retail store and pay way much more than what you have to for a brand name item. Do some digging and I bet you can find what you are looking for and save some money.

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  1. wow, never thought about that. ill have to look out next time i buy something on the internet.